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Everyone appreciates being thanked for a job well done. When you have the opportunity to inform the Sheriff that a MCSO member has impressed you, please do so. When you take a few minutes to recognize the performance of a deputy that person will be considered for a commendation.

Those members who are reported to have gone above and beyond or perform outstanding service are formally recognized. We encourage the public to file a commendation when a MCSO member has made a positive impression. Letters are encouraged and become a part of the deputy’s personnel file. Please fill out the form below to Commend a Deputy.

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  • Complaints are investigated in a thorough, timely and impartial manner. Complaints and disciplinary procedures not only subject agency members to corrective action following any improper conduct, they also protect members from undeserved criticism when they properly and lawfully perform their duty.

    There are a variety of methods available for an individual to file a complaint. The complainant may contact the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, through the form below or personally report the complaint to any Sheriff’s Office member.

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