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Madison, Florida 32340

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The Evidence Unit is responsible and accountable for the control of all evidence including found/recovered property stored in the evidence storage areas. It is important to preserve evidence, to keep the items safe and to keep the integrity intact so that they may be used in court.

Evidence personnel will make every attempt to notify the rightful owner if the item is abandoned evidence or found property. Pursuant to Florida State Statue when these items remain unclaimed, the Sheriff’s Office has the right to donate the unclaimed property to a nonprofit charitable organization, sell the item or retain the item for Agency use.

David Harper, Sheriff
Kim Washington, Executive Assistant
2364 US-90 Madison, Florida 32340
Non-Emergency: (850) 973-4001, ext 1
Administration Line:
(850) 973-4151
Email: [email protected]
Property/Evidence Contact Information

Sarah Whitney, Property/Evidence Custodian
823 SW Pinckney St.
Madison, FL  32340
850-973-4001  ext.3250
[email protected]