Crime Prevention

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is committed to improving the quality of life in Madison County through sharing knowledge and community involvement. It is the Madison County Sheriff’s Office’s goal to promote programs through pro-active means and to enhance the safety and security of the citizens and visitors alike in Madison County. The Sheriff’s Office stands ready to serve and meet the needs of all communities, civic groups and organizations.

Crime Prevention Objectives

  • To encourage citizens to protect their homes and businesses against burglaries
  • To encourage citizen involvement in the reporting of crime
  • To develop appropriate programming for various interested groups
  • To distribute material on crime prevention
  • To serve as a liaison with formal community organizations and other interested community groups

These deputies are diversified in numerous disciplines regarding crime prevention.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office provides residential checks in the event that a resident goes out of town and wants a residential check. If you would like to have a residential check performed please fill out the form below. You may also call the Madison County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center at (850) 973-4001 ext. 1 and request one. You may be asked several questions, including, but not limited to, the length of time you will be away, if vehicles will be in your driveway, if any neighbors have a key and will be checking on your home. You can also provide an emergency contact number should you need to be contacted.

If your community or organization needs a service or information relating to crime prevention please contact the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

    Request A Residential Check