General Inmate Information

Madison County Sheriff’s Office
Sheriff David Harper

(850) 973-4151 – Administration
2364 US-90 Madison, Florida 32340

Madison County Jail
Bea Livingston, Jail Administrator
(850) 973-4002 – Phone
823 SW Pinckney Street,
Madison, Florida 32340

Madison County Communications/EMS
(850) 973-4001 ext 1 – Communications
911 – Emergency
1314 West Base Street
Madison, Florida 32340


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General Inmate Information

Money for inmates
Only Money Orders are accepted through the mail. Cash will be accepted, however, it must be delivered in person to the Madison County Jail at 2364 SW Pinckney Street, Madison, Florida. Any funds intended to be used as Canteen Funds must be deposited no later than noon on Wednesday, the week prior to the canteen order.

Phone calls
Inmates cannot receive phone calls. Collect calls can be made from the housing units between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. with no exceptions.

Inmates may send and receive letters as desired subject to limitations necessary to maintain order and security. Mail is delivered Monday thru Friday except on legal holidays. All mail except legal mail or other privileged mail is opened and inspected for contraband and money orders in the mail room. Legal and privileged mail will be opened in the presence of the inmate.
Inmates may not receive packages except legal materials. Express mail requiring receipt will not be accepted.

David Harper, Sheriff
Kim Washington, Executive Assistant
2364 US-90 Madison, Florida 32340
Non-Emergency: (850) 973-4001, ext 1
Administration Line:
(850) 973-4151
Email: [email protected]

Jail Contact Information
Bea Livingston, Jail Administrator
823 SW Pinckney Street
Madison, Florida 32340
(850) 973-4002
Email: [email protected]